After the completion of construction, it is required that the building maintenance staff, owners or tenants of various units in the building are handed over the As-Built Drawings layout together with the layouts and positions of various utilities and its related equipment. Lines Capital LLC specializes in identification, clean-up and compilation of several drawings received from different contractors to create an up-to-date As-built single CAD file for the building. The Layers, blocks specifications are redefined so as to make further updates to the drawings, DIY for the end-user. Different page-layouts per utility helps the user to view the information related to that particular utility. These layouts can be further segregated for various units in the building. This is specifically required in residential or commercial complexes with multiple units. Each residence/ unit holder can be provided with the CAD files or printed drawings for various facilities – Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, etc., relating to their units.

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