CAD Drafting

Lines Capital LLC has extensive CAD Drafting experience spanning wide spectrum of Engineering domains Architectural, Construction, Structural and Fabrication drawings as well as Mechanical Parts and Assembly drawings. In addition, Lines Capital LLC has undertaken extensive amount of work in CAD drafting of Piping and Instrumentation Electrical Schematics, Manufacturing Plants Buildings, Production Lines and Utilities plans.

Lines Capital LLC ensures creation of accurate CAD drawings, as per ISO, or customer defined CAD drafting with specifications of scale, dimensions, dimensions styles, font styles, layers and symbols.

Lines Capital LLC Drafting Skills Set Includes:

  • Architectural Plans, elevations and sections (paper to CAD conversion)
  • Plans, elevation and sections – design stage drawings for Architects, from sketches received
  • MEP drawings – HVAC, Electrical, piping and plumbing, etc.
  • Interior elevations, doors and window schedules, Bill of materials, schedules
  • Layouts and site plans
  • Mechanical part drawings & Assembly drawings
  • Foundation details, columns, beams, piers layouts – with Reinforcement details
  • Piping and instrumentation diagrams, Isometric piping drawings, Piping and anchorage drawings
  • Digitization of maps detailing utilities like underground cabling, piping, sewage system, water systems, natural Gas piping.

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