When we think of the word design, we think of making something beautiful, enhancing something and make it look more attractive. When we talk about product design, we are less concerned with how beautiful a design looks; we are thinking about what the design can and should do. Product designing is carried out with a specific purpose. The designs are done in such a way that they present a product in a particular way in the market. Product design establishes the brand. Hence, product designs are the foundation of market resources. Product designs nowadays play an important role in branding, promoting and selling a product. Product now refers to any goods, services or knowledge that is sold.

Product designing is the act of conceptualizing a design for a product and translating the concept into reality. It is a systematic process in which certain factors are considered. Every step of the process is analysed. Factors like customer expectations, dimensions, materials used, tolerances, production process have to be considered. The success or the failure of a product in the market is an important issue for the reputation and profit of a business organization. Hence, the design stage is crucial.

Product design – Overview

Product design is all about the form and function of a product. It also refers to the elements and components of the parts that make up the product. The idea of product designing is exciting, yet it is challenging. Product design enables an organization to bring new ideas into the market and gain a competitive edge.

Product designing is not an easy process as it seems. Designing a new product, transforming it from concept to reality and bringing it successfully to the market is a difficult task for most manufacturers. Customer demands keep changing. Designs have to be created and modified in order to satisfy customers. Product designing links customer needs to manufacturers. Product designing is the first step in the manufacturing process. It has a direct bearing on the following stages. The final success of a product depends upon designs. the design has to satisfy customers on the one hand and prove to be profitable for the manufacturer on the other hand.

Designs may be based on research. The designer conducts research of a number of designs and prepares a novel design. The design may be based on supply-chain that is customers, suppliers distributors etc. designs may originate from competitors, that is reverse engineering.

Features of a good product design

  • Details -The design must be based on details about the manufacturing process, the materials used, the durability of the product and all detailed technical information about the product.
  • Functionality – the product design must serve the function for which it is intended.
  • Reliability –The design must convey the product details truthfully, realistically and accurately. It must not be misleading.
  • Cost and time – the design preparation must be completed in reasonable time and must be cost-effective.

The concept of product designing – Products is designed by using 3D modelling computerized system. Designers visualize a product and prepare a design accordingly, making it look as realistic as possible by adding a number of visual effects, light effects, colours etc. Unlike the traditional approach, an entire team works on different parts of the product designing process. (Concurrent engineering approach) There are a number of activities involved in the process like development of market concept, design of the product, manufacturing details, selection of appropriate materials and so on. Different people work on these different activities, thus saving a lot of time. Finally, all the activities are combined and the final product design is presented.

Stages in product development

Product development process includes all the activities required to bring a new concept to the stage of market readiness.

  • Synthesis – Considering different alternative designs
  • Sketching – Drawing sketches for various alternative designs
  • Analysis – Analysing each design from the point of view of cost, availability of materials, functionality, durability, manufacturing process etc.
  • Selection – Select the best design and finalize it.
  • Prototype – Prepare details of prototype and test the design
  • Manufacturing – Assembly and manufacturing
  • Testing and refinement
  • Modification – Make necessary changes in design.

Principles of product design

  • The design must have complete information within itself
  • The design must have the least content; it must convey all information in brief
  • Design must have the shortest production path
  • The design must depict the best quality product
  • It must follow the golden triangle of cost, quality and time
  • Product design must be centred on the customer

Key issues in Product design services

  • Concurrent engineering
  • CAD designs
  • Degree of customer contact
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Assessment of customer needs
  • Assessment of demands
  • Quality

Product designing services include

  • Concept design services
  • Creative design services
  • 3D product design
  • Product engineering services
  • Reverse engineering services
  • Industrial design services
  • Consultancy

Lines Capital LLC provides systematic product design support services from conceptualization to testing and finalizing a product. The company has a team of well-groomed technicians and they all work in coordination with customer’s design team to help the designers in drafting the best quality product in keeping with market expectations. The greatest advantage is that the company is in constant communication with clients so that all the stages in the process are conducted in collaboration, with complete involvement of the clients at every stage.

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